Stanley Kubrick – Jacques Marie Mage

Stanley Kubrick - Jacques Marie Mage

by Mathias Stering on Jan 31, 2023

The Stanley Kubrick Eyewear Collection by Jacques Marie Mage is a specially designed limited edition collector's item, intended as a tribute to the life and creativity of one of the most brilliant, influential and original filmmakers in history. Stanley Kubrick completely changed the art of modern cinema, directing a series of classics such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shining and Full Metal Jacket.

Over the course of his career, Stanley Kubrick, as a photographer, screenwriter, director and editor, showed an incredible commitment to cinematic creation. He had a tremendous attention to detail that shaped his films into timeless stories filled with humor, hubris, horror and hope. This unique eyewear collection is directly inspired by Stanley Kubrick and his tribute to the legacy of film's obsessive genius, a tribute to the unwavering vision and aesthetic ingenuity that cemented him as the most powerful creator of cinematic storytelling of all time.

It is well known that Jerome Mage likes to pay tribute to the most legendary cultural figures with his collections, and now Jacques Marie Mage has finally sat down with Kubrick's heirs to tip his hat to one of the absolute greatest. The Stanley Kubrick collection includes two models, a sleek and balanced aviator frame called the 1980 and a mid-century inspired model called the 1948. Both models come as glasses and sunglasses.


Before Stanley succeeded in creating cinematic masterpieces, a young Stanley Kubrick learned the craft and laid the foundation for his penchant for visual storytelling as a photographer for Look magazine, taking everything from dramatic still portraits of boxer Walter Cartier to celebrity profiles like Frank Sinatra. "1948" is based on the glasses worn by the ambitious prodigy Stanley in a portrait taken in 1948 by his own mentor and photo editor, the acclaimed photojournalist Arthur Rothstein.


Amidst the unrest and grandiose excesses of the 1980s, Stanley Kubrick turned his focus to dark tales of violence, creating films that exemplified the director's technical brilliance and dynamic style. It was now that he made two of his biggest films – The Shining (1980) and Full Metal Jacket (1987). Both films were full of intense and expressive close-ups of the human face. It is here that we see Kubrick's legendary visual precision in capturing characters' intense and expressive eyes that say a thousand times more than a manuscript can describe in words.

The "1980" bows are a modern take on the classic pilot bows that Stanley Kubrick often wore while filming The Shining (1980) and Full Metal Jacket (1987). Elegant, architectural and balanced, they are suitable for an eminent and steadfast gaze.

400 copies worldwide

These eyeglass models are of course handmade in Japan as usual according to JMM's extremely high standard and produced in a limited edition of only 400 copies. 1948 and 1980 have been given life and form from iconic images and films originating from one of our culture's great creators, resulting in stunning collectibles for connoisseurs of film and style.

The Stanley Kubrik collection is available in both of our stores, at Norrlandsgatan 7 in City and Kornhamnstorg 51 in Gamla Stan, as well as in our webshop. Stanley Kubrick - 1948

Stanley Kubrick - 1980
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