Could there be times where you would like to be without your glasses and still see well, where glasses might not be the best option? The possibility of finding a good solution with contact lenses is great today. We have chosen to work with the leading companies in contact lens manufacturing and keep ourselves constantly updated on new gentle and beneficial materials for the eye. Choose from daily, monthly, astigmatic, 24/7, colored, multifocal contact lenses. The range is large. The possibility to choose vision options to facilitate your everyday life. Not either glasses or contact lenses but both. Let us help and together we can look at which options might work best for you. And of course we offer you guidance in handling and handling so that your lens wearing is as safe and smooth as possible.


You only wear daily lenses for one day and are suitable for those who use lenses a little now and then or those who want an extra comfortable and hygienic way to wear lenses. You avoid handling when it comes to cleaning and reduce the risk of infection as you only use the lens on one occasion.

Today, there are different types of daily lenses for different vision defects. There are lenses for those who need to see well at long distances, have astigmatism or presbyopia. There are traditional lenses in hydro gel but also lenses made of silicon, the material that lets the most oxygen through on the market.

According to various surveys, today approximately 50% of all Swedes need glasses or contact lenses. More people learn it
also take into account all the screen time we have. Impaired vision is inevitable as you get older just like that
you become physically weaker in the body, and there is nothing strange about that.


A multifocal lens is a good option for those of you who currently use progressive glasses or lenses. A multifocal lens is adapted when you need to be able to see well from far and near and, above all, change distances quickly without using reading glasses too often. In this lens, there is correction for both far distance and near distance. Multifocal lenses are available as daily and monthly lenses.


A monthly lens can be used up to 30 days. There are lenses that you take out for the night and lenses that you can sleep with (used around the clock). Today there are many types of monthly contact lenses for different vision defects. There are monthly lenses for seeing well at a distance, but also monthly lenses for astigmatism and/or presbyopia. There are traditional lenses in hydro gel, but also lenses made of silicon, the market's most oxygen-permeable material.


Dailies Total 1 is one of the market's leading daily lenses. It is the one-day lens that breathes best and has a graduated water content, which contributes to good comfort. It is available as a single strength lens and as a multifocal/progressive lens. We have Dailies Total 1 in stock at home and can therefore be supplied immediately.

Proclear 1-day multifocal is another progressive hydro gel lens that we have chosen to have at home in store for direct delivery.

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