Eyewear examination
for companies

Sight is one of our most beautiful and most important senses in life, and also absolutely crucial to being able to work in the best possible way. Your employer is obliged according to the regulations of the Work Environment Agency to ensure that you who sit at least one hour per day in front of a screen can have a free eye examination and get any terminal glasses.

How do I know if I have poor vision and need glasses?

It is difficult for you who have never needed glasses or lenses to know when it is time to go to an optician for help. Vision defects sneak up on us very slowly, often so slowly that we did not perceive that the vision had deteriorated but took the whole thing as a new normal state. In your work, it is often critical to be able to see well, and for a long time, on both computer and laptop screens. If you listen to your body, there are several signals that tell you when it's time for an eye examination and think about the possibility of getting a pair of terminal glasses.

Symptoms - when is it time for terminal glasses?

• More frequent headaches

• Sees smaller letters worse

• Feeling tired in the eyes more often

• Burning in the eyes

• Difficulty getting or keeping a sharp view of the screen

• Stiffness in the shoulders

• Difficulty concentrating as long as before

• Feeling tired more often

If you recognize yourself in any of these symptoms, it is always good to start with an eye examination.

What is the difference between terminal glasses
and my regular glasses?

Imagine sitting on a hard wooden chair all your working day: AJ! - an ergonomic office chair instead provides relief and support for your body. Terminal glasses are for the same purpose, but for the muscles in and around your eyes. A work tool to enable you to perform your work better, in a gentler way for you.

Our bodies and eyes are not adapted to sit still and focus on digital screens several hours per day. Inside the eye is a lens that is good at switching focus between different distances, this is controlled by a muscle. When working with a screen, that muscle is active for several hours and it can cause pain, blurred vision, burning eyes. It is very common that many people need to give their eyes a little help and relief when they have passed the age of 40, when the capacity of the eye lens has deteriorated. As we sit with a screen in front of us almost all day, both before, during and after work, many people need screen glasses earlier than that.

If you would like to come to us to check your vision and possibly obtain work-adapted glasses / terminal glasses, check with your employer if it is okay for you to present a receipt from us for this.

Time and price for Vision examination as a business customer - 45 min, the price depends on your company's agreement.

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