Bågar & Glass workshop

The basement in our premises in Gamla Stan houses the heart of Bågar & Glas - Our workshop! Here, work and love are pumped through our entire business. Having a fully equipped workshop is certainly not part of the norm in today's optics industry. So why have we then chosen to do what many other actors have prioritized away because it is resource-intensive, costly and time-consuming? The answer is simple: At Bågar & Glas, we have a great need for quality, knowledge and sustainability!

Our eminent workshop technician Chris can grind glass that requires that little extra with an out-of-this-world accuracy. Have the glasses come off? Is the plastic frame white and tired? He will gladly take care of a repair or polishing! On Wednesdays, the machines run warm and then you can book an appointment for service. You get your frames back the same day or the next day.

Because you know that you don't always have to buy new ones if the glasses break? If you bought your glasses at Bågar & Glas, they can usually be repaired. That's the beauty of purchasing good quality items!

All of us who work at Bågar & Glas mount jobs, adjust and measure the glasses several times before the job goes out to you as a customer. You can safely turn to us in the stores for help with adjustments.

We are proud to tell our customers that we offer all this service. Completing your glasses is a true craft full of detail.