Eye examination for Children & Youth

Many children do not know themselves that they see worse than they should. Even more parents have not even considered the idea that their child may have a possible vision defect. Therefore, pay attention to the signs that can help you as a parent to discover that your child needs glasses. Stockholm County Council provides a grant of SEK 500 (0-7 years) SEK 800 (8-19 years) in the event of a change in vision. The subsidy is deducted directly when buying glasses or lenses.

Do you have children who have their own phone or often want to borrow yours? How often have you heard to just quickly check snap, search for something, watch youtube or play some game?

It is a fact that our children's screen habits are rapidly deteriorating their eyesight. We all too often meet children with vision defects that normally first appear in a person in their 40s. Already today, one in four children needs glasses.

Common signs that your child may have a vision defect

• Complains of headaches more often

• Difficulty sitting still and concentrating

• Closes one eye, or squints to focus.

• Often tilts head.

• Complains about reading or other things that require close focus.

• Sitting close to the TV, or holding the screen too close to the eyes

• Looks blurry

• Sees double / jumping letters

If you recognize any of these symptoms in your child, we recommend that, for everyone's sake, you book an eye examination for them. It's better to know right away so you can help your child as quickly as possible.

In Stockholm County, you can apply for a spectacle allowance for your child. We make the application in the store and deduct the contribution from your final bill. Children 0-7 years receive a contribution of SEK 500, Children 8-19 years SEK 800. A new grant can be applied for when the eye examination detects a change in vision.

Until the child reaches the age of 8, an eye examination is performed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist with special qualifications. We recommend contacting an ophthalmologist's office.

For children over the age of 8, we are happy to help!

Time and price for eye examination for children and young people: SEK 590 - 45 min.

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