Bågar & Glas - EVENTS


Thank you for last time!

Now during the spring we have had AW & Trendspaning with Oscar Magnuson and Hobnob Journal, two fantastic events with sunglasses as we had extra focus on Jacques Marie Mage, Moscot, Garrett Leight, Ahlem, Oscar Magnuson and Peter and May. Then we also had an exclusive evening of wine tasting together with Lina and Gabriel from the wine importer Budbreak.

We have nothing more planned just as it looks today. But rest assured that several fun events are coming. If you want to be sure to receive information the next time something funny happens, we recommend that you keep an eye on our Instagram (@bagarglas) or send us an email. Select the heading 'OTHER' and write something similar with the text 'I WANT TO BE IN WHEN IT HAPPENS!' then we will contact you personally.

Have a nice day!