It's a lot of fun to choose the right glasses that suit your personality and face shape. But the most important choice for your frames is the lenses you choose to put in them. We at Bågar & Glas have chosen CARL ZEISS as our main supplier, an international, leading technology company in optics and optoelectronics that has been supplying quality glass since the company was founded in 1846.

There are a variety of different types of glasses on the market that are adapted to various needs and visual impairments. As today's digital society places high demands on our eyes, it is important to choose the right glasses and treatments, this way you get more comfortable vision. Below is a description of the available glass types. Don't worry about picking the wrong one; it's your optician's job to help you!

Worth mentioning is that Zeiss has full UV protection, equivalent to sunglasses, also in clear lenses.

Single ground glasses

A glass that has the same strength regardless of where you look in the glass. This includes nearsighted, farsighted and astigmatic. They can be made for long distance viewing, screen distance or reading distance. Single-ground lenses with your strengths are mounted in the selected frame depending on where the pupil ends up in terms of height and width. For the truly discerning, single-cut glasses, despite their name, can be advanced and can also be calibrated according to the angle of the arc and the distance to the eye. Yummy for the detail-loving person!

Digital glasses

Think single-cut glasses with a part at the bottom of the glass where you have a zone for close-up vision. You remember those glasses with a frame in them, just like that but prettier!

For those of you who feel that it takes time to switch from sharp vision up close to distance. Gets tired in the eyes and needs to strain the eyes/blink/rub. Have a headache in or around the eyes. We call those symptoms asthenopia. Then digital glasses can become your best friend! The power you need for long range and close range.

Progressive glasses

Maybe you've always seen well, but now reading doesn't work anymore. Do you have a pair of reading glasses but never when you need them? Do you not know what the person talking to you is saying because you are wondering if you need to back up or move closer to look them in the eye?

These glasses are made to be worn all day. When you look straight ahead in the glass, you see from a distance, and if you look down, you see clearly up close. The transition in strength occurs gradually through the glass so you get sharp vision even in the intermediate positions.

Space progressive

like progressive glasses, you have sharp vision at all distances in these glasses. The difference is that right in front of the glass you have the sharpness set for a stationary computer screen, approx. 70-80 cm, the reading is as usual downwards. To see further away, you have to look high up in the arch. Designed so that you can work at a computer with good ergonomics and avoid straining your eyes.

But don't forget that small breaks are just as important!


All glasses can be ordered with a color, i.e. sunglasses with your strength. The sunglasses can be plain, gradient colored or have mirrored lenses. They can also change in color intensity depending on the light conditions outside, so-called photochromatic. The polarized versions are effective against reflections and glare, for example on wet roads, water surfaces.

Well then, crystal clear! Absolutly?!

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