If you like the series Solsidan as much as we do, you have heard the line; A risotto is always a risotto! Neither I nor Felix Herngren can agree with that. There is exactly the same difference between glass and glass in glasses and contact lenses. The difference in which glasses or lenses you use can be decisive for your visual experience.

Different types of glass

There are a variety of different types of glasses on the market that are adapted to various needs and visual impairments. As today's digital society places high demands on our eyes, it is important to choose the right glasses and treatments, this way you get more comfortable vision. Read our description between the available glass types.

Glasses care advice

Regardless of whether you depend on your glasses every day or only when necessary, you should be comfortable in them for a long time. To look good and look good , it is important that the glasses are clean and that the frame maintains its adjustment.

ZEISS Vision Care

The best glass choice for you depends on both your recipe and your needs. We mainly fit quality lenses from Zeiss Vision Care. All glass players excel, but we prefer Zeiss because of their crisp optics, surface treatment and ease of getting used to. We have set the minimum standard high and the best for you first!

Contact lenses

Could there be times where you would like to be without your glasses and still see well, where glasses might not be the best option? The possibility of finding a good solution with contact lenses is great today. We have chosen to work with the leading companies in contact lens manufacturing and keep ourselves constantly updated on new gentle and beneficial materials for the eye. Choose from daily, monthly, astigmatic, 24/7, colored, multifocal contact lenses.

Night lenses

At Bågar & Glas, we also adapt night lenses (Ortho-K). Night lenses are a stable lens that reshapes the cornea while you sleep and allows you to see well during the day - completely without vision aids! They can also help slow down the development of myopia and are therefore particularly suitable for younger people with myopia in the family.

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