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Regardless of whether you depend on your glasses every day or only when necessary, you should be comfortable in them for a long time. To look good and look good, it is important that the glasses are clean and that the frame maintains its adjustment.


Your arches may need to be adjusted a couple of times a year, about the same time you change the tires on your car. Speaking of cars, driving without having good visibility through the windows is illegal. Dirty glasses aren't really that bad, but we think you and your glasses deserve better!

We recommend that you clean your glasses at least once a day.

Use Bågar & Glas own plastering spray

Spray front and back, rub in and wipe with paper towels. Finish polishing with a clean microfiber cloth. When the spray runs out, stop by and we'll refill your bottle free of charge.

Wash the cleaning cloth

The microfibre cloth is excellent at attracting dirt! This means that after a while you spread the dirt rather than cleaning your glasses with it. Wash your microfiber cloths at 40 °C, but do not use fabric softener.

If you use fabric softener, you risk streaks on the glasses the next time you clean them.

Put on and take off the glasses with both hands

Put the glasses on and off with both hands, otherwise one hinge will quickly become loose and the frame will sit askew the face.

Also use two hands in case you need to push up the arches of the nose again. And never smudge the glass with your fingers. Touch the scalp only.

Avoid heat

The anti-reflective treatment on plastic glass and mineral glass does not like high temperatures. Steam is the worst, so back away from the oven and pans, chef. Sauna takes place blindly. As well as hand washing and rinsing the frames in cold or lukewarm water.

In the worst case, the surface treatment on the glass can crack, and unfortunately it cannot be fixed, and then new glass is needed. The same goes for scratches.

Use your case

To avoid scratches and wear, remember that your glasses have a home - in the included case. Store the glasses in the case when not in use. If you don't have a case with you, you can put the glasses in a safe place with the lenses facing up.