The best glass choice for you depends on both your recipe and your needs. We mainly fit quality lenses from Zeiss Vision Care. All glass players excel, but we prefer Zeiss because of their crisp optics, surface treatment and ease of getting used to. We have set the minimum standard high and the best for you first!

The glasses you get recommended to you after an examination with us are justified with measurements and an honest analysis of your needs. Glasses that adapt to you - not that you have to adapt to!

Why Zeiss glass?

In addition to the fact that you get full UV protection even in clear lenses from Zeiss, we think that a few areas stand out.

• i.Scription –

• Clearview - single-ground layered lenses with freeform technology

• Smartlife

• The surface treatment – ​​Duravision Platinum


One of the first measurements you may take during an eye examination, at any optician, is in a so-called autorefractor.

You know, you get to look at a picture (sailboat/hot air balloon/cottage) that comes and goes in focus. A relatively simple measurement of the central 3 mm of the eye that gives an approximate value of the strengths of your prescription. But even here it is different!

We have an i.Profiler from Carl Zeiss Vision.

It measures the curvature of your entire cornea. Like a map image with height differences, a topography. Is the eye rounded like a ball or American football. Maybe downright irregular in shape? How stable is the tear fluid, is there cloudiness, how big is the pupil, how much does it vary in size.
Do the measurements differ between the eyes?

This more comprehensive measurement allows us to give you your best night vision, color vision and contrast vision. The balance between the eyes will improve and, above all, the quality of vision will be higher!

This add-on is available on all Zeiss lenses and is something we are proud to offer our customers.


A single-ground glass made with the same advanced technology as progressive glass, so-called freeform technology. ZEISS ClearView single-vision lenses offer better vision for you and less distortion when viewed from the outside.

A glass that is up to 49% flatter and 16% thinner. Simply more beautiful and better than ordinary glasses.

Modern optics with fast delivery thanks to, as the first supplier in the world, freeform technology on layered glass! The best of both worlds.


You've probably heard of computer glasses, but have you heard of glasses for Mobile & Smartphone?

We spend more and more time in front of our mobile screens. Check the statistics in your mobile, it is often more than you think. This development has led us to change our visual behavior.

We were shocked when our contact at Zeiss told us that before they released this glass, a study had been done on how eye movements are affected by mobile phones.

They had noted how the subjects' eyes moved when they looked at a board of arriving and departing flights (far away) and down to their phone. Just by HOLDING a phone (without looking at it) the eyes wandered an awful lot more. Stressful for your eyes and your brain.

It is therefore very important that we adapt to this change in our lives because our eyes may not have kept up with the changes. Then Smartlife comes into the picture.

The Zeiss Smartlife lenses are designed to help you see clearly at near and far distances, and in one of the tests, 88% said they experienced relaxed vision at all distances. Available in both single-cut and progressive options.

Duravision Platinum

ZEISS glass with DuraVision Platinum treatment is three times harder than plastic glass from ZEISS with traditional treatment, and 35% harder than anti-reflective treated mineral glass from ZEISS.

The surface treatment of each DuraVision Platinum glass consists of nine ultra-thin layers: first the base glass is provided with a hardness treatment, followed by various anti-reflective treatments, one of which is antistatic, and finally with the CleanCoat layer. This top layer seals the glass and creates a completely smooth surface. Dirt and moisture bead off and give a perfect glass that is easy to clean.

Glasses that are easy to clean get less wear and last longer.

Full UV protection: also in clear glass. All regular ZEISS eyeglass lenses have UV protection at the same level as the best sunglasses – full UV protection up to 400 nm.

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