Vision test for driver's license

In order to get your driver's license permit from the Swedish Transport Agency, you need to make an appointment with an optician and perform an eye examination for a driver's license. The sight test takes about 10 minutes to do.
The inspection certificate is then submitted electronically to the Swedish Transport Agency.

When you have to take the sight test for a driver's license, you need to have valid identification with you, and it is also good that you have already made an application for a driver's license permit on the Swedish Transport Agency's website. Eye examination for driver's license can be done both with and without glasses or contact lenses. If you use glasses or contact lenses, it is important that you bring them with you when you take your vision test for driving license approval. We make an on-site assessment if you need to use aids when driving.

During your eye test for a driver's license, we measure both your visual acuity and your field of vision.

For the most common driver's license conditions (AM, A1, A", A, B, BE) a vision requirement of at least 0.5 in visual acuity is required when we measure the vision of your eyes together. The field of vision must be able to cover 120 degrees, of which at least 50 degrees from both the right and left eye.

Time and price for Vision examination for driver's license - Vision test for driver's license permit is SEK 200 and takes 10 minutes.

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