Solglasögon & Trender 2023

Sunglasses & Trends 2023

by Mathias Stering on May 10, 2023

Summer, sun, swimming, holidays, lunch, dinner and drinks outdoors. It's someone we all love, and something we'll soon get. If you are looking for new stylish sunglasses for spring and summer 2023, we will help you. As usual, there are new trends, and we'll guide you through what are safe cards to bet on.

Strengthening one's personality is something we all want to do. In 2023, sunglasses are an important accessory to put some effort into. Well-chosen and stylish frames can change and make an entire look. It may be well worth investing in a pair or two to be able to match your desired style with. We at Bågar & Glas give you tips on 5 DIFFERENT STYLES from both classic models and new trends that figure, so you can choose what suits your personality best.


A statement frame is glasses that come and take over the room the second you step into it. You will be noticed and get comments with such sunglasses. They may not be the only frames you have, but they are the sunglasses that take you straight from the shady side of Rörstrandsgatan to the Riviera in less than a second. These can easily be worn with a more festive outfit, but also take basics like jeans and a white t-shirt to another level.

Color or not on the frames is less important. It is more shape and size that decide. Those who don't want eyes on them should choose something else this summer.

These sunglasses can be found from Kuboraum, Jacques Marie Mage and Robert La Roche, among others.

THE WEBSHOP - Jacques Marie Mage - The Enzo

THE WEBSHOP - Robert la Roche - Midnight 2.0

THE WEBSHOP - Jacques Marie Mage - The Pennylane

Retro and icons.

Everyone knows that the 90s is still a strong reference for the entire fashion industry now, but the influences from the 70s are at least as current. In common, one of the biggest trends for glasses in 2023 are models inspired by old icons from our popular culture such as Steve McQueen, Stanley Kubrick and our own Anita Ekberg. These frames make a clear statement that combines both glamor and vintage aesthetics.

There are sunglasses to be found, among others, to be found from the brands Jacques Marie Mage, Garrett Leight, Ahlem and Robert La Roche.

Metal and titanium

Large metal frames in slightly angular shapes have once again become a favorite of many now. They give a very cocky expression while being extremely easy to wear on the nose. If you are going to have metal frames, we strongly recommend that they are made of Japanese titanium.

This material has become one of the world's most sought-after materials to, partially or exclusively, produce spectacle frames in as titanium is the world's most durable material in density, and is, for example, three times stronger, and 40% lighter than steel. The material is extremely flexible and helps to adjust the frames to a perfect individual fit.

You can find titanium sunglasses from brands such as Ahlem, Matsuda, Theo and Jacques Marie Mage.

Aviator – pilot glasses

A classic that will never go out of time. However, several brands have started to update both the shape and material choice of the classic Aviator frame and give it eye-catching details.

You can find pilot glasses from brands such as Dita, Barton Perreira and Jacques Marie Mage.


Classic models that naturally have the timeless beauty in them suit all individuals, styles and occasions. That is the reason why the purest models have remained on the market through all generations, regardless of prevailing fashion trends. Choose for yourself whether you want a cleaner or a slightly modernized version where more work has been done with the thickness of the acetate to give the bow more weight.

You'll find classics from brands such as Moscot, Oliver Peoples, Res Rei and Garrett Leight and Peter and May

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