Jacques Marie Mage – The Last Frontier IV (ENGLISH VERSION)

Jacques Marie Mage – The Last Frontier IV (ENGLISH VERSION)

by Mathias Stering on May 08, 2023

Jacques Marie Mage have returned to their most prestigious collection 'The Last Frontier' with a fourth edition. The Last Frontier is the extremely limited-edition eyewear collection celebrated worldwide for its unparalleled craftsmanship and artistry that celebrates the many cultural traditions of the American West - from jewelry-making and weaving to ceremonial dancing and horsemanship.

Exclusive collection at Bågar & Glas

Jacques Marie Mage is an exclusive brand founded in 2015 by Frenchman Jerome Mage based in Los Angeles. The frames are the opposite of the minimalisc, that is maximalist. The style is sophisticated yet powerful, playful, and with an abundance of attitude. Jacques Marie Mage is only represented by a very limited number of dealers worldwide. The Last Frontier can be compared to Jacques Marie Mage's crown jewel and Jerome Mage has personally hand-picked the top shelf stores of all JMM dealers worldwide to present this collection, of which we at Bågar & Glas are one of the few proudly selected, and the only one in Sweden.

The Last Frontier IV - A homage to the cultural heritage

The Last Frontier is the eyewear collection that is closest to owner Jerome Mage's heart. It is the collection where he lets his greatest sources of inspiration emerge, the landscape and cultural heritage of the American West and the French design style Art Deco.

It is the combination of the untouched nature of the American West, its indigenous cultural heritage, the bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation typical of the Art Deco period together with the innovative Japanese technology and craftsmanship that make the Last Frontier series unique.

The pieces from The Last Frontier IV can be compared to jewelry, where the different models are individually dressed by innovative components and details that once again confirm Jerome Mage's commitment to history, heritage, art, and craft. Jerome Mage, together with the Kewa Pueblo artist Francisci Balion, has managed to give each frame its own shape and identity with carefully selected and placed details such as arrowheads in copper, a thunderbird in sterling silver, Chimayo inspired filigree, and a real, non -dyed turquoise stone on the tip of the frame.

Chimayo filigree

The Last Frontier is created from the highest quality plant-based acetates and includes stunning adornments in sterling silver or gold. Many of the frames feature brass arrowhead details and Chimayo textile-inspired filigree, which is an interweaving of thin threads with decorative beads based on a cultural weaving tradition unique to the native people of New Mexico.


At the tip of the temple of each pair of Last Frontier eyewear you will find a very special decoration: a horse or a thunderbird with a real, non-dyed semiprecious gemstone called Turquoise. For over 10,000 years, turquoise has had enormous importance all over the world, from China, Tibet, Egypt, and all the way to the American West. In addition to its beautiful appearance, the stone had enormous intrinsic value for its protective and spiritual properties.

Turquoise has a color-changing tendency (from white to sky blue to navy blue to yellow-green) which gives the semiprecious gemstone a mysterious, almost sentient quality. In fact, the color changes depending on the environment, light, dust, and the acidity of the skin.

For the Last Frontier, Jerome Mage has gotten turquoise from The Kingman Turquoise Mine in Arizona, the last remaining commercially producing mine in the US and one of the oldest and highest producing turquoise mines in America. Each stone is unique and tells its own story of history, origin, and shape.

Collection with 8 different models

Jacques Marie Mage presents 8 different models in the fourth collection of the Last Frontier. In total, there are four new models, as well as four existing ones but in completely new colorways. The first delivery has now arrived and can be seen in our stores in Stockholm, Sweden, and in our webshop.

The Thundercloud

The Dayton

WEB SHOP - The Dayton

The Sterett

WEBSHOP - The Sterett

The Cody

WEB SHOP - The Cody

The Rawlins

WEB SHOP - The Rawlins

WEBSHOP - View all Jacques Marie Mage frames

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