Solglasögon Trender – Vår & Sommar 2022

Sunglasses Trends – Spring & Summer 2022

by Mathias Stering on Apr 29, 2022

Sunshine and beautiful weather is something we all love. Spring is here and summer is fast approaching, just like usual!

If you are looking for new stylish sunglasses for spring and summer 2022, we will help you. As usual, there are new trends, and we'll guide you through what are safe cards to bet on.

Sunglasses are an important accessory in 2022. Well-chosen and stylish frames can change and make an entire look. It may be well worth investing in a pair or two to be able to match your desired style with. We at Bågar & Glas give you tips on 6 DIFFERENT STYLES from both classic models and new trends that figure, so you can choose what suits your personality best.


Squares and squares have made a big impact in the entire fashion world in 2022, even in the eyewear industry. Angular frames have been around for a while, but now they have become even bigger and stronger and make a clear statement. Sunglasses in black or tortoise never go out of style, but dare a pair of red, green or blue. Or even mixed in several of these colors. Square frames can be found at several brands such as Ahlem, Peter and May, Anne & Valentin, our new brand Robert La Roche, Garrett Leight and Italian Res Rei.

Big and powerful

The trend of large and powerful acetate frames has crept up on us in recent years, and is more evident now than ever. These frames are a must for those who want to make a clear statement. Big and powerful bows can be found from French Ahlem, our new brand Robert La Roche, Italian Res Rei and above all from the Los Angeles based brand Jacques Marie Mage who always make bows whose style is sophisticated but at the same time powerful, playful, and with an abundance of attitude.

Strong colors

Neon colors, purple, red, green or wild patterns. 2022 yearns for strong colors more than ever before. Boundaries are meant to be broken. Anything expressive and eye-catching works! You will find bows with fantastic colors from the brands Robert La Roche, Res Rei, Anne & Valentin and another of our new brands for this year – Italian Delirious.

Cat eye

This model is constantly updated and we see everything from large extravagant shapes a la Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's as well as smaller Cat Eye shaped frames. The Cat Eye bow continues this year as well and there are several models that vary from soft to bows with incredibly sharp edges. A clear choice for those who want to be a little extra chic this year.

An alternative to the extravagant Cat Eye shape is the softer, but often larger, butterfly-shaped bow. Bågar & Glas presents Cat eye and butterfly-shaped models from Dita, Barton Perreira, Thom Browne and Ahlem.


Classic models that naturally have the timeless beauty in them suit all individuals, styles and occasions. That is the reason why the purest models have remained on the market through all generations, regardless of prevailing fashion trends. Many classic models have been inspired by icons of the past, Hollywood stars, musicians and other influential people. Everyone who made a mark in our history in one way or another. In addition to frames that allude to iconic people, we naturally add the round frame and aviators, i.e. pilot glasses, under the Classics category.


One of the biggest trends for eyewear in 2022 are models inspired by old icons of our popular culture such as Michael Caine and our very own Anita Ekberg. These frames make a clear statement that combines both glamor and vintage aesthetics. Among our favorites right now are Jacques Marie Mage's handmade bows inspired by Bob Dylan, Michael Caine and our own Anita Ekberg. Oliver Peoples tributes to both Gregory Peck and Cary Grant. Garrett Leigh has had a shape inspired by Marilyn Monroe's husband Arthur Miller, who was a man who swung with full force through his career as a writer when, among other things, he wrote some of the 20th century's rawest and classic works such as the Pulitzer Prize winning Death of a Death of a Salesman and The Crucible . Finally, we have also selected two aviator models from Barton Perreira's tribute to James Bond's 60th anniversary, both of these bows allude to the models worn by Roger Moore and Christopher Walken in the film Living Target - A View to Kill.


A classic shape that brings thoughts back to the 70s is the round bow and they are available in both acetate and metal. Choose a wider and slightly larger frame with structure if you are comfortable with it, maybe even a frame with color. Dare to be playful and give yourself character. Round sunglasses can be found from, among others, Delirious and Kuboraum, as well as Japanese Matsuda. A bow we want to highlight a little extra is precisely one of the Japanese crafts, a model called 2809H. This bow is a new production of the Matsuda bow that Linda Hamilton's character Sarah Conner wore in the film Terminator 2 in 1991. A rarely seen craft produced in only 500 copies that were produced in connection with the film's 30th anniversary.

Pilot glasses - Aviator

A classic that will never go out of time. However, several brands have started to update both the shape and material choice of the classic Aviator frame and give it eye-catching details. You can find pilot glasses from brands such as Kuboraum, Dita, Ahlem, Robert La Roche and Jacques Marie Mage.

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