Johnny Cash, The Man in Black - by Jacques Marie Mage

Johnny Cash, The Man in Black - by Jacques Marie Mage

by Mathias Stering on Aug 09, 2023

Jacques Marie Mage's new Johnny Cash collection with two models, The Cash and The Quentin, is definitely something more than just new sunglasses. The Johnny Cash collection is a tribute to a musical icon who danced to the beat of his own drum and captures his personality in stunning handmade frames. This limited collection of sunglasses combines history, elegance and genuine craftsmanship, while bringing the legacy of Johnny Cash into the present in a rarely seen elegant way.


John R. "Johnny" Cash (1932–2003) is one of the most influential country artists of all time. This musical icon was an incredibly prolific artist, releasing new music over the course of five decades and selling a total of over 50 million albums. His biggest hits include songs like 'I Walk the Line', 'Ring of Fire' and Folsom Prison Blues". Johnny's trademark as a performer was his deep, distinctive voice, the distinctive boom-chicka-boom sound, and his dark clothing style and appearance, which made him known as The Man in Black.


As a person, Johnny Cash often stood up for the vulnerable in society and propagated, among other things, more humane prison care, which led to him performing in prisons on several occasions. Two of his best selling records are live recordings from the legendary gigs he did at Folsom and San Quentin prisons which resulted in the chart toppers At Folsom and At San Quentin . A few years later he also performed at the Österåkersanstalten north of Stockholm and the performance was released on the LP At Österåker.


Jacques Marie Mage's limited edition 'Johnny Cash' collection consists of two models, handcrafted in Japan, that pay tribute to Johnny Cash's influential music, as well as both charming and outstanding arrogance and anti-establishment morals. The models are called The Cash and The Quentin.


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The Cash is like a classic butter singer with bold eyebrows, in other words a daring but sophisticated individual.

The rectangular frame has heavy temples and is adorned with Jacques Marie Mage's signature details in precious metal. A photo of Johnny during his arrest in El Paso, Texas, in 1965 became Jerome Mage's perfect inspiration for these retro-feeling frames. In this run in with the law, Johnny was caught with 688 capsules of Dexedrine and 475 Equanil tablets (amphetamine and tranquilizer) in his pocket and released on $1,500 bail, leaving with a pair of awesome sunglasses just like you can now become the proud owner of


A studious and structured must-have, The Quentin sunglasses are adorned with unique axe-shaped studs and distinctive straight, chunky temples. The idea for these frames comes of course from the celebrated gig in San Quentin State Penitentiary in 1969 which became the album Johnny Cash at San Quentin . Johnny himself did not wear any glasses on this particular day, but luckily one of the prisoners did. A picture was taken there and then, Jerome Mage found his inspiration and now The Quentin can be yours.

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At Bågar & Glas, The Cash is available in the color Beluga and has only been produced in 500 copies distributed worldwide. The Quentin is presented in Dark Havana and Apollo and has only been produced in 450 copies.

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