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Eye examination is the vision test that is done to check your vision. Recommended for those who are doing their first eye examination. An eye examination should be done every two years by returning visitors so that we have time to make the necessary vision corrections to your eyewear or lenses.

In our growing information society, vision plays an increasingly important role. We have several different needs to be able to see well; in traffic, on TV, computers, digital screens, newspapers, books, etc. You may think you see well, but when it comes to common vision problems, many people don't realize that they could see better with glasses or contact lenses. Vision defects sneak up on us very slowly, often so slowly that we did not perceive that the vision had deteriorated but took the whole thing as a new normal state.

Common symptoms related to impaired vision:

• Headaches more often
• Sees smaller letters worse
• Feeling tired more often
• Need to hold an object or text a little further away from you
• Sometimes sees blurry or loses focus on objects
• The eyes sting or feel dry
• The eyes get tired easily from driving in the dark
• Blinking or squinting more often when watching TV
• May see double or experience small shadows around objects

Your life should be simple and comfortable, you should feel as energetic and happy as possible. Do you experience
doubts about your eyesight, so book an appointment for an examination here.

At Bågar & Glas, we strive to provide the most accurate eye examinations according to the optician association's quality standard, and with our cutting-edge expertise combined with the latest technology and equipment, you can always feel confident in the results.

We always book 1 hour for your eye examination, which guarantees that you will receive a thorough examination. During the examination, we find out your individual needs and recommend the glasses and/or lenses that suit you and your lifestyle, taking into account the work environment and your leisure interests.

Bågar & Glas' licensed opticians are well trained and constantly further their education. With us, you are in safe hands!

Price and time for eye examination: 45 min - SEK 590

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