Vision examination - glasses examination

Eye examination is the vision test that is done to check your vision. Recommended for those who are having their first eye examination. Eye examination should be done
every two years of repeat visitors in order for us to make the necessary vision corrections to your glasses or lenses.

How do I know if I have poor vision and need glasses?

Many people who start having problems with their vision and eyes often wait too long before doing something about it. One
a person who has never had glasses or even had an eye examination usually does not know when the vision started to change. Visual impairment
can sneak up on us very slowly, often so slowly that we did not perceive that the vision had deteriorated but took the whole thing as
a new normal state.

According to various surveys, today approximately 50% of all Swedes need glasses or contact lenses. More people learn it
also take into account all the screen time we have. Impaired vision is inevitable as you get older just like that
you become physically weaker in the body, and there is nothing strange about that.

Common symptoms related to impaired vision:

• Headaches more often
• Sees smaller letters worse
• Feeling tired more often
• Need to hold an object or text a little further away from you
• Sometimes sees blurry or loses focus on objects
• The eyes sting or feel dry
• The eyes get tired easily from driving in the dark
• Blinking or squinting more often when watching TV
• May see double or experience small shadows around objects

Your life should be simple and comfortable, you should feel as energetic and happy as possible. Do you experience
doubts about your eyesight, so book an appointment for an examination here.

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